Providing actionable insight on complex analytical data for all business users through a visual application, data visualisation is focused on using visuals such as charts to interpret data. Visual analytics combines analytical models with bespoke visuals which allows non data scientists the ability to utilise analytical outputs to have data driven decision making. With integration with R and Python in addition to many data sources, analytics platforms like Qlik Sense provide the architecture to deliver visual analytics.

We focus on 5 offerings

Rapid prototyping and data discovery

Providing insight to business users in days which enables investment and insight without delivering a production level solution.

  • Will my data be able to solve my business problem or use-case?
  • Should I invest in a new platform or tool?
  • How do I get adoption and change for data-driven decision making in my organisation?

Guided analytics

Creating apps that solve specific business problems.

  • Order Management Analysis
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • CEO Executive Dashboard
  • Call Center Optimisation
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Financial Dashboards
  • Complaints Management Analysis
  • Saleforce Optimisation
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Etc

Self-service analytics or data democratisation

  • How to enable an organisation to become more self-sufficient with data analytics and data decision-making
  • What platform is required to scale to support my organisation
  • How will we govern our metrics and data if everyone has access to analytics?
  • What is the roll out strategy for self-service?
  • What infrastructure do I require for self-service?

3D Visualisation

  • Utilising 3D visuals for your visual analytics apps that enhance the user experience
  • Creating Virtual Reality applications for immersive storytelling, experience or data analysis which require more than 2 dimensions (X and Y)

Training and Support

Digimasters offers training courses and certification for visual analytics tools such as Qlik Sense. We have advanced courses for developers to become visual analytics developers utilising web technology, custom visual and APIs to create bespoke applications with Qlik technologies.

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