customer success analytics


Customer success is an area of analytics and business strategy that is growing rapidly. More companies moving to a product as a service (PaaS or SaaS) model are realising that customer lifetime value is more important than a one-off sale or revenue target. Digimasters focuses on creating a data driven strategy around the end to end customer journey. Our strategy involves understanding how features or services are created based on what a customer wants and how the entire customer life-cycle should focus on boosting customer lifetime value, with the aid of analytics to drive and track decision making.

Typical customer success strategy includes:

  • How to boost Customer Lifetime Value
  • Migrate from a product to a product as a Service (PaaS) company
  • Integrating Customer Experience with your digital platforms
  • Sales force training and culture change from perpetual to subscription - Dos and Don'ts
  • Product ownership prioritisation driven by customer demands instead of short term revenue boosts
  • How to move from a data centric data model to a customer centric model which is a pre-requisite for enabling customer lifetime value tracking.

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