Analytics Advisory focuses on advising companies to aid decisions, tenders and procurement. Advisory projects are often part of a larger strategy initiative, however we offer standalone advisory projects which focus on:

  • Tool and Platform vendor selection
    Vendor comparisons, RFP authoring and management support, licencing and scaling, reselling and negotiating
  • Analytics Event Management
    Identifying relevant conferences, networking and marketing events including talking opportunities, sponsorships and investment/partnering opportunities
  • Open source vs Technology Vendor assessments
    Identifying the benefits, risks and costs associated with open source compared to an incumbent technology or potential new technology partner.
  • Creating a CDO function in your organisations
    Advising on the maturity and readiness of your organisation to create a Chief Data Officer (CDO) position and where this role fits inside your company.
  • Business readiness for self-service analytics
    Usually part of a larger self-service strategy piece of work but often an organisation would like a smaller readiness assessment before investing in the strategy.

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