analytics strategy


Our analytics strategy capability provides you with 20 years of experience working across all vertical industries in large global organisations, understanding the typical challenges each company or business unit experiences and create a vision and detailed strategy, in order to overcome the challenge or introduce new products and services. We have many use cases; our core examples are:

  • Self-Service Analytics Strategy
    • Data Governance Strategy
    • Culture Change Impacts
    • Data Literacy Dependencies
    • Operating Models
    • Visual Analytics methods vs Business Intelligence
    • The Role of IT (Hub and Spoke processes)
    • Tools and Technology Advisory
  • Analytics Cloud Platform Strategy
    • Which cloud provider offers the right services at a competitive total cost of ownership
    • Cloud native services vs 3rd party solutions e.g. AWS Redshift vs Snowflake Computing, Kafka vs Kinesis
  • Capability Development
    • Designing your organisation and hierarchy
    • Identifying existing skills and skill gaps
    • Attracting talent and retaining talent
    • Architecting your resourcing pyramid
  • CDO Strategy Development
    • First 100 days planning
    • 3-5 year vision and strategy
    • Customer success vs Revenue base strategy goals
    • Data People and Culture

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