This is a demo of a guided visual analytics application designed specifically for partner management; assisting in managing the relationship between technology companies, customers and service partners such as resellers, influencers, consulting firms and system integrators.

There are plenty of sales dashboards in the wilds of BI and MI; we wanted to create something that focused on insight and managing a relationship, instead of just numbers from a CRM system.

This partner management application is an interactive illustration showing how Visual Analytics can solve many of the frustrations and issues experienced by well, everyone, from the technology vendor's partner and enablement teams, to the alliance manager and business leaders in the reseller or influencing partner organisation.


The Partner Management App is based on Digimasters' modular canvas design template. This is a template which focused on providing all the insight on a single page or canvas, and removes the majority of user effort in searching through different screens or reports to find the information they require. This is a highly adaptive design and was used to create our Talent Management App demo.

The modules are individual mini insight windows, which allow us to change the layout for individual preferences and allows a technology team to very easily manage the future changes and requests of the users, by splitting each request into a scope to deliver a new module or update an existing one.

At the top of the canvas we have our global filters; the filters allow us to either look at how your partner is performing, or focus on a specific time period, partner type, or partner manager.

Next, we have a list of executive metrics for quick reference, that checks the health of a pipeline and other key performance indicators.

Our first module is the Qualified Pipeline, this is a simple custom table visual, with standard controls which allow a user to minimise, maximise and unpin the module, depending on their preference.

The table visual only provides a high-level summary; to find out more I can click on the customer to load much more detail, without having to navigate to another page or system.

Here I can get specifics on the potential customer and find out what the current footprint of our technology is or who the current account manager is. We also have standard metrics pulled from CRM including the potential opportunity, the maturity of the op and which partner is supporting us.

Our next modules focus on partner enablement. These modules show just how many people in our partners we have enabled through technical training or enabled to sell our solutions. It is also critical to know who has formal certification on our partner programme as this could be a pre-requisite for some partner programmes to maintain an elite partner status each year.

Running events is a large part of partner management. Events could be joint events with a partner or an event at a partner run conference. Events create many great leads if done correctly, but they take a lot of upfront planning and post event it is critical to maintain momentum and follow up on all the actions captured during the event.

If you want to make sure you get the largest return from investing in running events, we have included an event management tracker for each event. Click on the event to see an example of the tasks and typical team owners required to support a partner event.

Collaboration is a large part of any visual analytics application, so a live chat window to capture comments, commentary and suggestions is built into the design.

The Sankey chart is tracking the number of potential opportunities that come in to become a new partner but could very easily also show the inside sales process. A Sankey visual is very useful when analysing a journey and making sure you are getting quality as well as quantity in any funnel process.

Partner Touchpoints gives a clear trend on how many meetings are actually taking place across the partner eco-system or within a large partner. The second chart provides more insight allowing actions to be taken if a partner manager isn't getting the traction from a partner, with targets set for executive quarterly business reviews, Regular pipeline alignment meetings, Training and enablement sessions and networking events.

The final example module focuses on the investment a company is making in their partners and shows if there is a reciprocal relationship or a one-sided investment. Where is the investment going and what is being created through investments like not for resale licenses etc?

There are many more modules aligned to the use-case of partner management including managing how Market Development or Business Development funds are created and utilised. How to identify which partners are shortlisted for annual awards and also analysing where there are geographical or skill gaps in the partner eco-system.

Please watch our overview video for more context or click here to access the live demo.