Football Mashup

Visual analytics tools (Qlikview, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Looker, Spotfire, etc) are expensive tools that usually have a ‘bums on seat’ license model, which means that every person in your organisation that would like to access a report, dashboard or app requires a license. Some applications do have a ‘free’ read-only license key, however, to create bespoke custom solutions with no license costs or limitations from the out of the box visualisations are on offer, then you need to look at open source visualisations.

A D3X Mashup is a visual analytics application which combines open source JavaScript visuals with a powerful and performant in-memory analytics engine from Exasol, hence the name D3X Mashup (D3.JS + Exasol).

Football D3XMashup is the first proof of concept created to test out how easily an open source visualisation could integrate with Exasol.

The use case was created using a data science investigation approach instead of the usual user centric design methodology we typically use when creating guided visual analytics application for a client or customer. The key difference is a data centric focus which dictated what use cases we could create once we knew what data was available in our football dataset.

As we were proving a technical architecture instead of providing business value, data-centric is a valid method.

The football app focuses on visualising some world cup data for England, France and Germany as these are the three countries with Exasol offices. We also covered the top leagues for the same three countries, providing insight into Teams, Squads, Players and Games from the last 11 seasons up to 2016.

This app will continue to develop overtime with advanced analytics prediction already in-flight and will be integrated into the next release.

For more information on the app and how it works please watch the YouTube video overview below and then click on the link below to try out the demo or navigate to